ALICE2 ® has been used for data analysis, printing, reporting of NMR data for more than 25 years. It is very common tool for NMR users in Japan and other countries.

ALICE10bn is the successor of ALICE2 ® . It has the latest Windows UI and easy operation style as ALICE2 ® .

ALICE10bn reads NMR FID data, processes it and provides correct spectrum automatically by only entering ‘Full auto process’ command. You can observe the full range of 1 or 2-dimensional spectrum process with Navigator function. It is also possible to 1-dimensional grid display and print.

As the management and authentication of ALICE10bn is to be done in only server PC, installation of multiple ALICE10bn becomes very easy. After installation in the server PC, client PCs can execute ALICE10bn through the network.

ALICE10bn can be worked in any client PC through the network.

★1 Server PC needs Windows CAL (Client Access License) which license number is equivalent to those of NetALICE license.

★2 The order of this software package is called NetALICEbn.

You can refer the file type and other additional information of NMR data by the Explorer like operation. By double clicking any NMR data file, you can start ALICE10bn.

ALICE10QTbn provides quantitative analysis of NMR data by easy operation.

ALICE10MLbn supplies total solution system for analyzing multi variated data in only one window.

ALICE10MLbn is the best sophisticated software for NMR metabolome analysis.
It includes many useful functions of ALICEbn.
It creates multi valuables automatically from NMR spectrum and displays the multivariate analysis diagram.